Tales from the underfunded cousin of DevOps, while trying to get research done.

After arguing with a some people on Twitter recently about research software quality and suggested bars to publishing that software, I decided that it probably would be time to dust off the PhDOps blog and start writing response blog posts, instead of just leaving comments. As the old PhDOps blog was living on Blogger, I dug out my login for that and signed on. And then I remembered how painful Blogger makes everything related to source code. This was one of the reasons I stopped posting stuff on the PhDOps blog in the first place.

As I really love writing things in Markdown these days, I went and checked what blogging engines can use that. Jekyll seemed like a serious contender, but then I realised that it is using ruby, and I'm not particularly fond of ruby.

Fortunately, there's Pelican, which is based on Python, and also seems pretty nice. Also, it's the blogging engine of choice of C. Titus "Chuck Norris" Brown.

As I only had to migrate a handful of posts, I just used the good old cut&paste method, and now all my posts are available on this site as well.

Let's see how many nice posts will happen in future.


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